Employment Opportunities

Fayette Home Care and Hospice employs more than 100 healthcare
professionals. We accept applications for Registered Nurses and Home
Health Aides on an ongoing basis. Other career opportunities will be posted
as jobs arise.

If you are looking for a challenging, flexible, and independent work environment that supports professional growth and development, we would love to hear from you. Please click here to view jobs and apply online. If you have questions, please call us at (724) 439-1610 or (888) 402-2233. Our address is:

Fayette Home Care and Hospice
110 Youngstown Road
Lemont Furnace, PA 15456

Fayette Home Care and Hospice is an equal opportunity employer.

Hospice Needs Volunteers

Volunteers provide important services to hospice organizations and the people they serve. rolex replica uk Whether it's providing companionship to a person in the final months and weeks of life, offering support to family members and caregivers, or helping with community outreach and fundraising, the contributions of volunteers are essential to the important work provided by our nation's hospice programs.

Hospice trains volunteers to ensure they feel comfortable with their tasks.

Hospice Volunteers Can Do & Just About Anything!

Support for Patients

This may include visiting, listening to a patient's concerns, being a comforting and supportive presence, reading, taking walks, writing letters, bringing in music, engaging in the patient's hobbies, playing board games, making scrapbooks, discussing current events, listening to the patient's life story, etc.

Respite/Support for Family Members

Volunteers can assist with shopping or household maintenance, or allow
family caregivers the opportunity to take care of necessary errands and get
some time away from the house. omega replica sale Family members also appreciate a visit from a compassionate friend who understands what they are going through. Volunteers can also help by transporting a patient to physician visits or shopping.

Bereavement Support Programs

Hospice volunteers can work closely with the hospice's professional bereavement staff in duties that range from assisting as a support group facilitator to serving refreshments and helping with mailings to clients and families.

Fundraising/Administrative Work

A volunteer with clerical skills can serve a hospice by helping in the office with simple administrative duties. replica watches sale Fundraising responsibilities can range from preparing mailings or thank-you letters to organizing fundraising events and contacting possible donors.

All volunteers are equipped for the challenge of working with the dying. Hospice requires volunteers to complete extensive orientation and training sessions, as well as submit to a routine background check.

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